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Marriage 101

When most couples think about getting married, they focus on the flurry and excitement of wedding and honeymoon plans. Relationship coach, Julie Wise, suggests that it’s also important to set aside time to plan for the months and years ahead. In "Marriage 101" couples discover more about each other, and learn how to communicate effectively as they design their future together. They also learn tips and tools for dealing with common pitfalls such as money issues and unexpected life challenges.

The package includes five 60-minute sessions. There is homework to work on between sessions and handout materials are provided each week. Sessions are offered locally in Kitchener-Waterloo or by phone/Skype to couples who live outside of the area.

For more information, contact Julie at Julie@juliewiseconsulting.com

Comments from Participants:

"One of the best things we got from the course is our conflict resolution. Minor disagreements that might have ended up in a huge argument before just resolve themselves now. We really couldn‘t be more ready for marriage. We are more in tune with each other, and with how we show our love and appreciation for one another."

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